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We Fix Appliance Los Angeles washing machine repair expert will fix any problem you might have in your washer.
Over 20 years of experience with fixing washing machines and laundry center We Fix Appliance is the only company that will work for you around the clock  to fix your washing machine in the shortest time and best prices is guarrantee. 

Tips On maintaining Washing Machine

If your washer isn't working properly you might want to go over some troubleshooting before caling an expert from We Fix Appliance. 
  • Make sure the washing machine is plug in
  • Make sure the water valve are open and hot and cold water are fllowing,
  • If the washer isn't drain, try to clean the drain pump filter located on the bottom of the washing maching.
  • always keep the washing machine after you done with the load door open for ventilation, That will always keep fresh air coming and avoid any mildow or mold. 

Washing Machine Fix Or Buy?

Over the years it has come to our company many times the question if should i fix the wsher or just buy a new one?
We Fix Appliance Yaron Hamer Technician expert for washing machine answer this question.

Washing Machine is one of the heart main house hold appliance, no one live without it whenever it's broken. To many any clients sometime fixing over buying is a priaority because of the time saving and the price. 
To rebuilt any washing machine will cost 10 times more then a new washer, However some of the reapirs are better fixing then buying. A new washing machine can be cost around $1200-2500 and that is not even inculing instalation and deleviry. 
Most of the washing Machine repairs avrage cost os around $250-$400 so on the bottom line yes fixing the machine is always better then buying a new one as long as the repair is not over $700.